June 04, 2020
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    People of this country should unite in the fight to control Covid-19

    March 31, 2020

    Considering the situation faced by the government, Sri Lanka has managed to control the spread of the Coronavirus very effectively in comparison to other countries, said Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi, calling on the entire country to unitedly contribute to the government’s efforts to control this virus.

    She made this statement at the Operation Centre for the Prevention of Covid-19 yesterday (30) .
    Despite many obstacles and shortcomings, with the cooperation of the public,  this country could overcome this challenge and not fall into the same situation as many other countries are facing, said the Health Minister.

    She urged anyone who has come to the country from overseas to self-isolate even from their own family members. She made this appeal after the discovery of five members of one family testing positive for the Coronavirus, including a four-month infant.

    The Minister added that the Sri Lankan Government’s effort is to protect the citizens of this country, adding that every possible measure has been taken to ensure the safety of the people. She said that Sri Lanka is one of the countries that has taken the highest possible steps to protect its people and urged the public to cooperate with the efforts of the government.


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