February 24, 2020
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    Decisions taken by cabinet of Ministers on 10.12.2019 Featured

    December 12, 2019

    1. Issuing rice stocks, purchased under the government paddy purchasing program -2018/2019 Maha Season , to the market through the Lanka Sathosa outlet network.
    A portion of the paddy stocks purchased under the Government Paddy Purchasing Program-2018/2019 Maha season, have been released to the market through the private sector small and medium rice mills. The Minister of Finance, Economic and Policy Development informed the cabinet of ministers regarding the steps taken to issue ricemade from 42,000 MT of paddy remaining in the government stores.Considering the agreement with rice mill owners the Cabinet of Ministers decided to set and maintain a Rs. 98/= maximum retail price and to supply rice to the market without any shortage.Further it was decided to grant cabinet approval to import wheat flour until the harvest of Maha season is received.
    2. Increasing the number of national schools in the school system to 1000 and establishing new trilingual schools in each district.
    The Ministry of Education has designed programs to increase number of NationalSchools up to 1000 by establishing 3 schools in each divisional Secretariat division with all the facilities and improve those schools as national schools. Further it has beendecided to commence a tri lingual national school with all the facilities in each districtand to commence 20 such schools within 2 years. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministersapproved the proposal presented by Hon Minister of Education regarding theimplementation of these programs.
    3. Introducing a new school-based scientific method to select students for GovernmentUniversities, in lieu the present Z-Score system based on districts.
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister ofEducation to appoint a committee of experts to provide recommendations onintroducing a school based new scientific method to select students to GovernmentUniversities.
    4. Proposed program to maintain and inspect electric fences built for resolving HumanElephant Conflict.
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister ofEnvironment and wildlife Resources to repair and maintain the prevailing electric fencesand to secure funds and human resources for this purpose, and to mplement proposed programs with the assistant of District Secretaries and other Parties.
    5. Expeditious Program for the Management of Government Lands.
    The Minister of Land Development presented 11 projects designed to implement between December 2019 and March 2020. In addition, the minister informed the cabinet that providing License Grants and Leases, Mobile Day Programs and Field Day programs, Issuance of Title Certificates, formalize the Government Land Database, Publishing new edition of road map and preparations of Land Guidelines. The Cabinet of Ministers decided to appoint a committee to prepare a simple and easypayment system Without inconveniencing the lessee of land provided on lease basis.
    6. Cabinet Sub-Committee on Cost of Living.
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the president to appoint cabinet sub-committee on cost of living comprised of following members chaired by H.E. the President.
    • The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Economic and PolicyDevelopment
    • Minister of Mahaweli, Agricuture, Irrigation and Rural Development, Internal Trade, Food security, and Consumer Welfare
    • Minister Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
    • Minister of Plantation Development and Export Agriculture

    7. Multi-purpose Development Task Force.
    H.E. the president has observed that there are numerous unskilled employment opportunities in Government and Government affiliated institutions and that recruitments are made on political and other favorites irrespective of low income groups. The cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the President to establish a Multipurpose Development Task Force as a Government Department enabling to provide 1000 employment opportunities for qualified low income youth. The recruitments of this task force will be made at a transparent district level and
    operations of the department will be commenced by 15.01.2020. and it was considered by the cabinet of Ministers that the government, Govt. affiliated institutions and the private sector will be able to access the services of said force on a cost-effective basis.
    8. Duties and subjects under the purview of non-cabinet state ministers.
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the president to assign the duties and subjects under purview of Non-Cabinet State Ministers in terms of the provisions of section 44(5) of the Constitution.
    9. Review of present scope of Financial City Project.
    In 2014, Colombo Port-City Development Project was commenced by Sri Lanka Ports Authority with CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd, as a Private Sector Investment. After 08.01.2015 the original scope of the project has been changed as “Colombo Financial City” and a bill has been prepared under the directions of legal draftsman and assistance
    of the external consultants to set up special economic zone “Colombo Financial City”.The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Prime Minister to appoint a committee of experts in the respective fields to review the amended scope of the project and procedure used to revise the project.










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