June 07, 2020
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    Decisions taken by cabinet of Ministers on 04.12.2019 Featured

    December 05, 2019

    1.Regional Rapid Action Leaning Workshop on Sanitation and Health
    Hon. Prime Minister and the Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities reported the cabinet of Ministers that, the “Regional Rapid Action Learning Workshop on Sanitation and Health”, organized by the South Asian Committee Of Sanitation (SACOSAN), is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka from 09th to 11th December 2019 with participation of the representatives of member countries, respective Sri Lankan professionals, Relevant Government Officials and Local and international NGO representatives.

    2.Upgrading the condition of National Colleges of Education up to University Faculties, in order to create entire Teachers’ Service in Sri Lanka a service comprised of graduated.
    The policy approval of the cabinet of Ministers was granted for the proposal presented by Minister of Education concerning the conversion of National Colleges of Education in to University Faculties, providing an opportunity for teachers to become qualified graduates. In addition, the cabinet approval was granted to appoint a committee of experts representing fields of Education and Higher Education to perform relevant academic and legal proceedings.

    3.“Pvithuru Lanka” National Environment Management Program
    The necessity of a proper procedure to develop social responsibility for the management of environment and uplift their participation in the process as well as to get active participation of the parties including local government institutions. Accordingly, the cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Environment and Wildlife to implement the program “Pivithuru Lanka National Environment Management Program” immediately in order to continue the entire Environmental Management operations in the island.

    4.Making ‘Educational Services’ a closed service
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Education to appoint a committee of experts to conduct studies and produce proposals for setting up “Educational Closed Service” for Teachers, Principals, instructors, .

    5.Appointment of Secretaries to State Ministries
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the president to appoint secretaries to new state ministers appointed under section 44(1) of the constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

    6.National Policy Framework of the Government – Prosperity Vision to guide the country
    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister of Finance, Economic and Policy Development to admit H.E. the president’s Policy Statement “Prosperity Vision to guide the country” as the National Policy framework and to instruct all the Ministries, Departments, Government Institutions, Provincial Council and Local Government Institution, to proceed accordingly. ‘

    7.Withdrawal of permit requirement for Sand, Soil and Clay Transportations for Local Industry and Construction Industry purposes.
    As explained by some of the cabinet members Local Industries and Construction Industry have to face difficulties due to the permit requirement for sand, soil and clay transportation. Considering these facts, the cabinet of ministers decided withdraw the present requirement of permit for the transportation of sand, soil and clay.



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