January 19, 2022
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    Cathay Pacific to cease operations to Karachi

    June 25, 2014

    Cathay Pacific has announced to cease its operations to Karachi, after the audacious militant attack on the city airport which killed over two dozen people earlier this month.

    In a statement, the airlines has said that Cathay Pacific will stop flying to Karachi in Pakistan, with the last flight leaving Hong Kong on June 28 and that the decision has been made for commercial reasons.


    The airline will operate 14 more flights to and from Karachi before its operations are ceased in order to avoid disruptions for the hundreds of passengers who will be travelling prior to the holy month of Ramadan. The airline recommends the customers  to check flight status before departing for the airport.


    Cathay Pacific also has said they will assist with alternative arrangements for affected passengers whose flights between Karachi were originally scheduled after operations cease.(KH/SI)

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