October 24, 2021
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    Post COVID treatment Centers to be set up – State Minister Sisira Jayakody

    September 26, 2021

    Plans are afoot to set up Post COVID treatment Centers Islandwide, Indigenous Medicine Promotion, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health State

    Minister Sisira Jayakody.


    He was expressing his views to the Government’s News Portal.


    Certain COVID-19 patients reported dying a few weeks after they recovered from the disease. Others have shown various complications, the State Minister said.

    He said a special program was initiated in collaboration with the Ayurveda Research hospitals including Navinna Ayurveda Research Hospital to respond to this situation. Specialist
    Ayurveda Physicians and Traditional Physicians have collaborated in this program, and the first treatment unit will be set up at the Yakkala Ayurveda hospital affiliated with the
    Wickramaarachchi Ayurveda University.

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