June 04, 2020
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    Another 321 to be released from quarantine centres – Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva

    March 31, 2020

    Another batch of 134 returnees after completion of the two-week-long quarantine process at the Military operated Punani and Diyathalawa quarantine centres, were sent home and currently, there are 1964 persons in quarantine at 48 centres, said Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva in a special statement issued at the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of the Covid-19, yesterday (20).  

    He said that another 321 persons who had completed the quarantine process would be released today (31) including 104 from the Periyakadu Quarantine Centre, 11 from the Punani Quarantine Centre and 206 from the Vavuiya Quarantine Centre.The Commander also noted that the Army had mediated and provided transport for 498 workers of the Seethawaka Garment Export Zone for them to return to their homes.He also stated that 68 persons of the Kadayanakulam Village in Puttalam had been isolated and put under quarantine after a Covid-19 positive person was found in that village. Further, the Akurana Village in Kandy was declared an isolated zone and also the Atalogama village,

    In the Jaffna Peninsula, all districts have been demarcated as isolated zones which has prevented the spread of the Coronavirus in that region.

    Therefore, the Army Commander noted that these areas identified with persons who tested positive for the Coronavirus have been demarcated as isolated areas for the safety of the public and to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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