October 02, 2022
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    Land deeds presented to Kurunegala district farmers under President’s patronage

    September 23, 2018

    As a President who knows the woes and worries of the common people, he is always ready to deliver on the expectations of those who are tolerating great hardships says the President.President Maithripala Sirisena said this addressing the audience in Kurunegaladistrict to distribute land deeds last FRriday  (21st).

    A national program has been launched to issue land deeds and permits to one million citizens of Sri Lanka. Under this program 2000 deeds and permits were handed over to the farmer community residing in state lands as well as to those relocated due to development works.

    President Sirisena said that the current government strives to ensure that all citizens of Sri Lankahas the rightful ownership of a plot of land.These land deeds were distributed among the farmer community of Galgamuwa, Anamaduwa, Giribawa, Ambanpola, Maho, Galkiriyagama Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Kurunegala districts.

    President also presented a land deed to the  Chiefprelate of PanduwasnuwaraWest Shashanarakshaka Mandala and PaduwasnuwaraPandukabhayaParivena,as well as and twin temples of HoragollaMedhankara Buddhist Viharaand DiggallaShayilaramaya Ven. Wahanthure Siddhartha Thero.

    President Sirisena also presented land permits to Civil Defence Department, and the Health Services Department of North Western Province.Ministers GayanthaKarunathilake, S.B. Navinne, DumindaDissanayake, Deputy Minister IndikaBandaranayaike, Governor of North Western Province K.K. Logeshwaran, Chief Minister DharmasiriDassanayake, Secretary of Ministry of Land and Parliamentary reforms W.S.Karunarathne, District Secretary GaminiIllangarathne and others were present in this event.

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