January 19, 2022
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    Samsung’s Curved TV – The Ultimate Immersive Viewing Experience

    June 27, 2014

    Digital technology leader, Samsung Electronics recently launched the Samsung Curved UHD TV which provides the ultimate immersive viewing experience. Samsung’s Curved TV range provides a wider field of view and offers resolution that is four times greater than FHD TVs.

    Commenting on Samsung’s latest innovation, H. K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics Limited - Sri Lanka, stated, “With the Samsung Curved UHD TV, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to create the ultimate viewing experience. Unlike a flat screen TV, the unique and iconic design of this curved TV, provides an enhanced viewing experience".


    The key benefits of Samsung’s Curved UHD TV are that the curved screen shape ensures that all on-screen content is uniform and the same distance from the viewer at any given time. When watching fast-moving images, like those in an action movie, the viewing experience is less distorted, more comfortable and enjoyable. The curved screen has a ‘larger than life’ effect which makes images seem larger than they are in reality; this is known as the panoramic effect which maximizes the viewer’s sense of immersion throughout the entire viewing experience. The curved screen also reduces ambient light reflection that would otherwise distract from the viewing experience. With all these benefits combined, the Samsung Curved UHD TV delivers the ideal viewing experience that ensures crisp and clear picture quality and comfortable viewing.


    Curved technology is created on the principle that a curved screen can provide more uniformity than a traditional flat screen. Having been a market leader for decades, Samsung realized that there was a need for a different approach to TV technology and developed the optimal screen curvature of 4200R which provides the best levels of image quality and uniformity.


    Additionally Samsung’s UHD dimming capability divides the screen into small blocks and adjusts images by maximizing the contrast, colour and detail. Samsung’s PurColour Technology enhances colour by bringing out detail and richer shades, this provides an optimized display which accurately depicts true and natural colours. Samsung’s Curved TVs offer not only superior picture quality but also future-proof technology.


    Through the development of its innovative Curved UHD TV, Samsung continues to enhance consumer living in an effort to contribute to a better world filled with rich experiences. (KH/SI)

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