November 29, 2022
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    Spider-Man and Electro Were Spotted in Colombo

    May 02, 2014

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2, anticipated to be one of the biggest blockbuster hits of the year will be released in Sri Lanka by Ceylon Theatres today (2 May) the same day as its worldwide release.

    The renowned movie character Spider-Man first appeared at the Eye Hospital Junction - Town Hall on Thursday the 25th of April with Electro, his rival whose powers were no match for Spider-Man as expected. Hundreds of unaware bystanders became the audience to a special performance by both characters as many people photographed Spider-Man and Electro with their camera phones in excitement.

    The film, featuring a dynamic cast of Hollywood stars, promises to be action-packed and will premiere at the Majestic City Platinum Cinema in Colombo, the Sellam Premium Cinema- Chenkalady and the Majestic Cineplex at Cargills square in Jaffna which was recently opened. Spider-Man continued to save the day around Colombo and made appearances around town on the 26 and 28 April 2014. Spider-Man fans had the opportunity to spot and photograph the film’s main characters, Spider-Man and Electro as they dueled each other at various venues in Colombo. By uploading their photos onto fans stood a chance to win free tickets to watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Colombo. For more information on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, contact the Majestic Cinemas hotline on 0777758888.

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