October 02, 2022
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    Player Contract Payments finalized

    March 14, 2014

    The Sri Lanka Cricket Team will be paid a special bonus of USD 100,000/- as a gesture of goodwill towards the Team’s performance in winning the Asia Cup as decided at the ExCo meeting of SLC on Thursday (13).

    After the discussion the ExCo of SLC had on Thursday regarding player contract payments following the meeting of the Office Bearers with the player representatives, the SLC agreed to pay the players the following payments:

    T20 2014 Tournament in Bangladesh

    To pay a participating fee of USD 500,000/- to the team
    To make a further payment of USD 250,000/- in the event Sri Lanka reaches the final
    To pay an additional USD 250,000/- if the Team wins the finals

    World Cup Tournament 2015
    To pay a participating fee of USD 750,000/- to the Team Members
    To make the following payments in addition to the above
    On entering the semi final USD 250,000/-
    On entering the final a further sum of USD 250,000/-
    On winning the final a further payment of USD 750,000/-

    Women's Cricket Team
    T20 2014 Tournament in Bangladesh
    On entering the Semi Finals USD 50,000/-
    On entering the final an additional USD 25,000/-
    On winning the Final a further USD 25,000/-

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