December 09, 2022
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    SLC concludes discussions on player contracts

    April 24, 2014

    The Executive Committee decided to appoint a 3 member  committee to discuss the issues pertaining to the player contracts. The committee included Treasurer Nuski Mohamed, Chairman Selectors  Sanath Jayasuriya and the Chief Executive Officer  Ashley De Silva.

    Sri Lanka Cricket issuing a press release said that the Committee had discussions with the Captain of the National team  Angelo Mathews Tuesday (22). At the discussion he outlined the expectations of the team to include a payment of 20% of the participation fee of the ICC and ACC events to the participating players. After discussions, the Committee in consultation with the office bearers of the SLC's Executive Committee, offered 10% of the participation fee from the ICC and ACC events to the players which will be applied for the next 5 years and will be non negotiable.

    This will not apply to the recently concluded ICC World Twenty20 2014 tournament. Instead, the players will receive a participation fee and an incentive totaling up to  USD 1,500,000 along with the prize monies

    The above offer was accepted by the players and they have agreed to sign the annual contracts in due course, SLC further said.


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