September 26, 2022
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    Surfing makes a splash in Hikkaduwa

    December 08, 2019

    The Red Bull Ride My Wave 2019 which commenced yesterday was in full swing along the coast in Hikkaduwa. The competition which will come to an end today saw surfers of every skill level taking on Sri Lanka’s waves and compete in this professional surfing competition, managed and judged by the Surfing Federation Sri Lanka.

    The first day of the event comprised two rounds of surfing with 36 heats. As always, Red Bull Ride My Wave attracted a highly diverse crowd of both international and local surfers, with participants from South Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, Ireland, Latvia, France, Greece, and hosts Sri Lanka.

    The event was launched with the aim of fostering the sport, helping local tourism, and promoting the bond of surf culture with its own twist. After heading down to the spectacular Hikkaduwa beach, it is apparent that Red Bull has once more achieved their goal. The excitement was tangible, as competitors and viewers joined together to take on Sri Lanka’s waves or cheer on these surfing enthusiasts with a true party spirit.

    Red Bull has repeatedly proven their commitment towards developing sports across the globe, and they have certainly had a strong influence here in Sri Lanka. Ride My Wave has been no exception, with past events being held along the East and South coasts, opening the doors to a sport that is slowly but steadily growing in popularity within the island. Past winners include the East Coast Team (2014), Asanka (2015), Lucky D.A. (2016), and Mattia Poirier (2018).

    The judging criteria is incredibly high this year, with participants being scored on a 0.1 – 10 scale, expertly judged by a panel led by Head Judge Lahiru Wijesekera, an ISA International Level 1 Judge, with the event being supported by the highly experienced Contest Director G.P.G. Sandika Thushara, winner of Sri Lanka’s first ever National Surfing Championship. Participants are judged on their ability to perform radical controlled maneuvres in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power, and flow. Innovative/Progressive surfing as well as the Combination and Variety of Repertoire (of MAJOR maneuvers) are further taken into consideration when rewarding points for a surfer’s performance.

    True to the spirit of creating surfing history, Ride My Wave has provided a platform for Lankans passionate about surfing. Female surfers took on the waves this year, breaking barriers in what has largely been a male-dominated sport. Day two of Red Bull Ride My Wave 2019 begins today, resuming the fierce competition, which will end with two talented surfers being crowned King and Queen of the Wave 2019 and taking the prestigious titles home.




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