September 27, 2022
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    Army’s Niklas stands tall

    October 26, 2019

    Northern Province pugilists barring Army’s Middle weight (75kg) fighter V. Niklas went out in a procession in the boxing quarter-finals of the 45th National Sports Festival in Badulla on Thursday.A packed card of over 50 bouts provided plenty of fireworks for spectators who braved the rain to witness boxing in the outdoor venue opposite the Uva Provincial Secretariat, even as the Festival was ceremonially declared open with an official opening ceremony at the Vincent Dias Stadium in the evening.
    V. Niklas, who hails from Killinochchi outclassed his opponent G.G.D.S. Munasingha from North Central province with a first-round technical knock out win. Air Force’s P.G.E. Madushan representing Southern province upset Indonesian President’s Cup bronze medallist Piyal Dharmasena of Army of Uva in a thrilling Fly weight (52kgs) winning by a split 3-2 points decision.
    There were some spectacular knock out wins with Eastern Province’s Vidhyalankara stunning Western Province’s Deshantha in the second round of a Bantam weight (56kg) contest while Uva’s Jayaweera knocked out North Western Province’s Kumara in the first round of a Heavy weight (91kg) clash.

    Results Quarter-finals WOMEN
    Light Fly (48kg) – A.L.C. Lalindri (North Central) bt V. Sugirtha (Northern) on points 5:0, H.M.N.H. Weerasingha (North Western) bt J. Tharmika (Northern) Referee Stopped Contest R1;
    Bantam weight (54kg) – W.S.P. Rathnayaka (Sabaragamuwa) bt K.A.D. Himanshi (Southern) RSC R1, R.M.I.G. Rathnayaka (Sabaragamuwa) bt K.G.N.S. Kahatapitiya (North Central) RSC R2;
    Light weight (60kg) – K.A.D. Abeysekera (Sabaragamuwa) bt A.W.M.P.N. Kumarasingha (North Central) RSC R1, B.S.H. Perera (Western) bt L.N. Thilukshi (Northern) RSC R1, K.A.K. Hansika (Western) bt W.K.O.N. Weragoda (Central) walkover, L.G. Chandrika (Southern) bt K. Kokulavathani (Northern) RSC R1;
    Middle weight (75kg) – M.P.H.M. Jayawardhana (Sabaragamuwa) bt S.H.K. Perera (Western) 5:0, G.D.M.H. Jayadewa (Northern) bt K. Prashanthiny (Northern) RSC R1, R.P.I.M. Rajapakshe (North Central) bt M. Dominika (Northern) RSC R1, H.M.K.G. Lakmali (Central) bt G.O.G.C. Priyadarshani (North Central) Abandoned R1;
    Light Fly weight (49kg) – K.A.S.K. Abeygunawardhana (North Central) bt M.G.L.S. Kumara (Wayamba) 5:0, T.G.H.N. Jinadasa (Sabaragamuwa) bt C.M.L.R. Chandrasekera (Western) 5:0, N. Nadeeka Kumara (Southern) bt P.K.U. Silva (Southern) 5:0, G.K.G.W. Udaya Kumara (Eastern) bt R.U.G.K. Sanjeewa (Central) RSC R1;

    Fly weight (52kg) – H.M.L.P. Jayawardhana (Central) bt S.P.B.R. Premalal (Sabaragamuwa) 5:0, H.A.M. Navith (Central) bt M.M.M. Irshan (Northern) RSC R1, M.R. Sadaruwan (Western) bt J.M.N.J. Kumara (North Central) 4:1, P.G.E. Madushan (Southern) bt R.M.P. Dharmasena (Uva) 3:2;
    Bantam weight (56kg) – A.D.D. Prasad (Eastern) bt H.K.A. Senevirathna (Sabaragamuwa) ABD R1, E.D.P.D. Vidhyalankara (Eastern) bt M.A.S. Deshantha (Western) knock out R2, D.D. Rangana (Southern) bt K.A.G.K.A. Kapukotuwa (Central) 4:1, W.R.T. Weerakkodi (Western) bt W.H.M.D. Champika (North Western) walkover;
    Light weight (60kg) – W.D.R.S. Wijedasa (Sabaragamuwa) bt P.A.S.L. Perera (North Central) 3:2, R.M.P.K.K. Rasnayaka (North Western) bt P.S. Kumara (Southern) 3:2, K.G.K.M. Karunasinghe (Central) bt D.B.A.D.D. Bandara (North Central) 4:1, A.P.J. Kumara (North Western) bt D.M.P.N. Dissanayaka (Uva) walkover;
    Light Welter weight (64kg) – M. Saminjan (Northern) bt K.M.S.P. Konara (Uva) RSC injury R1, S.M.C.R.B. Samarakoon (Central) bt D.D. Sandaruwan (Western) 3:2, R.M.S.K. Rathnayaka (Central) bt P.H.D.V. Minidukulu (Wayamba) ABD R1, I.P.D.C. Udaya Kumara (North Central) bt R.M.M.S. Rathnayaka (Central) medically unfit;
    Welter weight (69kg) – S.N. Heelbathdeniya (Central ) bt H.M.S.H. Madawaththa (Central) 3:2, A.K. Maduranga (Western) bt S.B.S.A. Wickramasinghe (Wayamaba) 3:2, J.A.D.M.A. Sampath (Western) bt N.D. Kumara (North Central) RSC R2, T.P. Wellappili (Southern) bt J. Vithurshan (Northern) RSC R2;
    Middle weight (75kg) – P.D.D. Maduranga (Western) bt R.M.M. Ekanayaka (Wayamba) walkover, G.R.D. Sandaruwan (Southern) bt M.N.D. Fernando (Southern) walkover; W.M.G.K.G.I. Ariyarathna (Central) bt R.H.A.J. Rathnaweera (North Central) RSC R2, V. Niklas (Northern) bt G.G.D.S. Munasingha (North Central) RSC R1;
    Light Heavy weight (81kg) – W.A.R. Sandakelum (Sabaragamuwa) bt A.P.C.A. Jayalath (Western) 5:0, H.W.G.P. Rathnasiri (Western) bt W.D. Ranathunga (North Central) ABD R1, S.T. Senarath (Southern) bt R. Ramesh (Northern) RSC R1, P.A.R.S. Rupasingha (North Central) bt A. Lerishlal (Northern) RSC R1;
    Heavy weight (91kg) – J.P.N.N. Jayaweera (Uva) bt D.MC.P. Kumara (Wayamba) KO R1, H.D. Madushanka (North Central) bt W.G. Asanka Sampath (Southern) RSC R1, A.R.S.D. Thilakarathna (Sabaragamuwa) bt L.R.D. Fernando (Wayamba) RSC R1, G.A.N. Fernando (Eastern) bt G.G.D.A. Gunasekera (Central) 3:2;
    Super Heavy weight (91+kg) – A.M.I.H. Abeysinghe (North Cenral) bt K.M. Pradeep Kumara (Western) RSC R2, J.A.M. Rukshan (Southern) bt P. Dushyanthan (Northern) 3:0, A.R.B.E. Thilakarathna (Sabaragamuwa) bt M.W.M.M. Meegasthanna (Eastern) 5:O, K.M.C.K. Karunanayaka (North Western) bt K.M.C.K. Karunanayaka (Uva) KO R2





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