October 02, 2022
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    We have taken these measures to ensure your safety and that of your children – PM

    March 21, 2020

    Issuing a special statement Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that these measures have been taken at this point of time to ensure the safety all citizens and especially the children. Therefore, he called on the entire nation to stand together at this hour of turmoil.

     The Prime Minister, explaining the measures taken to arrest the spread of the Coronavirus made a special statement yesterday (20).

     “At a time when the whole world is facing the threat of the Coronavirus, we as a government have taken all possible measures to ensure the safety of our people. As you know, from the start of this epidemic we were fully focussed on it and before many countries, Sri Lanka took measures to bring back our students stranded in Wuhan, China.

    We have never at any moment disregarded the lives of all our citizens be it those in the country of Sri Lankans in other countries.

    We have taken all steps to bring back those who went on pilgrimage to India as it is our responsibility to ensure their safe return.

    Therefore, as soon as we heard about a patient or someone who had associated with a Coronavirus infected patient, we sprang into action. It was because of this readiness and focus that we have been able to hold thousands at quarantine centers and feed them, provide medication and other facilities.

    As a country, it is undeniable that this is an arduous task. However, no matter how hard the task is, we as a government will always ensure that the people are cared for. Taking into consideration the safety of our children, we took measures to close the schools and universities. We have systematically stopped all incoming flights to the country and closed the arrival terminal. We have taken these measures taking into consideration the world situation and in the best interest of the country.

    This is how we intend to take action in the future too.

    At this time as I address the nation, the whole country is under curfew. Even during the height of terrorism, the whole country was not under curfew.

    However, due to the irresponsible actions of a few, we had no other choice and had to take this drastic decision.

    These measures have all been taken for the safety of you all and that of your children. Hence, the government regrets any inconvenience that the people may have to endure.

    Rest assured that the government is well geared to provide all essential requirements including food and fuel, for the next several months. There is no need to worry.

    Moreover, as a government we have no intention of hiding the facts from the people and we will be honest in announcing the number of persons affected and the situation regarding
    this virus. We will notify the people constantly regarding the latest situation for the safety of everyone.


    At a time when the whole world is facing a hard time, I urge all Sri Lankans to act with responsibility and foresight. If we all follow the advice of the medical experts and act
    diligently, I am certain that we could overcome this epidemic in no time.

    As a nation let’s stand together in facing this threat. We are a nation that overcame much greater adversities and I am confident that if we all stand together, we could overcome this
    challenge too.


    May the Triple Gem shine upon you all!”



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