October 02, 2022
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    All must work together to overcome the current situation - PM

    March 14, 2020

    Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said as a country we must face the challenge of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic which has affected the whole world.

    Delivering a special statement, the Premier pointed out that the COVID-19 has been named as a global epidemic but under such circumstances the government is capable of facing 

    this challenge and the country is prepared with the required arrangements.

    “We are geared to providing required medicinal drugs and food items to the public without delay. The government has devised a proper mechanism in this regard. As the
    government is constantly focussed regarding this situation the public need not worry or panic. We have ample stocks of medicines, food and fuel for the next few months. At a
    time when the whole world is facing this threat, this is the time that as Sri Lankans we must unite and draw on our past experiences and knowledge. As a nation we must follow
    medical advice.

    With the aim of protecting the health of our children we have taken a decision to close all schools, private educational institutions and universities. I also urge you the public to
    refrain from attending public gatherings during this period. We will not hide anything from the people and all information regarding the coronavirus will be expeditiously made
    available to the general public. Therefore, there is no need to believe all the rumours that are being spread over social media and panic. Panicking will not help in controlling the
    spread of the virus. The government is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens and creating an environment where all can live safely.

    When a patient with Coronavirus is detected, it is against humanity to shun them or their families. It is also against humanity to demand that hospitals and quarantine centres be
    removed from particular areas. Therefore, I urge everyone to put yourselves in this situation and be considerate,” the Prime Minister stated in his special statement.

    The Premier also noted that the government is on alert and ready to face the coronavirus pandemic and urged the people to remain calm and not panic. Prime Minister Rajapaksa
    also urged the people to stand together at this time of national crisis in order to overcome this situation. He said Sri Lanka has faced greater challenges and we have overcome them
    all as a nation.





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