October 02, 2022
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    Govt. requests protestors to join employment generating process

    January 31, 2020

    Collecting information on graduates and equally qualified diploma holders had now been completed in order to provide employment to all of them. Securing required funds too is underway.The objective of the government is to provide employment opportunities in accordance with the degree obtained and existing vacancies at government and semi-government bodies and departments. Recruiting around 53,000 graduates will commence from March 01st.

    The government has undertaken the task if ensuring job security for those who are employed on temporary, casual and contract basis and have completed 180 days. All the qualified candidates will be granted permanent employment following discussions with the relevant authorities. During the last two months, an in-depth study had been carried out on the issues faced by the students at universities and other higher educational institutes.The government endeavours to provide the best possible solutions to these issues. Protestors now enjoy the freedom to demonstrate right opposite the President’s Office. No government in the past had allowed such freedom.

    It is the policy of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to look into the issues closely and provide solutions. The officials at the President’s Office spend a considerable amount of time to listen to the grievances of protestors. Demands of most of the protestors are similar. Today alone (29), six groups staged protests in front of the President’s Office. Discussing concerns of all these groups is a time-consuming process. This results in unnecessary delays in the implementation of the government’s employment programme. In addition, the general public have to suffer unexpected hardships. Further, it is waste of time and money even on the part of the protestors. The government requests all the protesting groups to understand this reality and have faith on the government’s process and extend support to make it a success.



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