October 24, 2018


    Bond Commission report to be sent to Parliament on January 17 Featured

    January 10, 2018

    Secretary to the President Austin Fernando has informed today that copies of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Central Bank bond issue report will be handed over to the Parliament on 17th of this month.


    Replying to the Speaker’s letter asking for copies of the Bond Commission Report the President’s Secretary informed that this decision has been taken in accordance with the advice of the Attorney General.


    In accordance with the agreement reached at the Party Leaders’ meeting held yesterday (9th Jan.), Speaker Jayasuriya has written to the President asking for a copy of the commission report.


    In his reply, Mr. Fernando indicated that AG has advised that the report should be first handed over to the relevant institutions mentioned in the report.


    Mr. Fenranndo further added that reports of 34 investigations done by the PRECIFAC will also be presented to the Parliament when those reports were received from the particular Commission Secretaries.

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