August 07, 2022
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    Introduction of new laws on child protection and justice

    June 28, 2022

    Introduction of new laws on child protection and justice.

    Approval of the Cabinet of Ministers was granted at their meeting held on the 18 th February 2015 for the formulation of the draft bill on child protection (judicial security) to enable establishment of courts that implement judicial authority for court hearings in regard to children who require protection and security or trial against children violating the law and implement the judicial authority of different forms so that courts could be established that could implement a different type of judicial authority. Accordingly, the preliminary draft bill prepared by the Legal Draftsman has been studied by two specialist committees and further proposals have been furnished.

    Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to the proposal furnished by the Minister of Legislature, Prisons Activities and Constitutional Reforms to instruct the Legal Draftsman to prepare the final draft bill including the said proposals too to the preliminary draft bill.

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