May 21, 2022
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    Student Achievers in Army Families Awarded ASVU Cash Deposits to Continue Their Studies

    December 24, 2021

    During a ceremony, held yesterday morning (23) at the Army Headquarters, the Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU), presided by Mrs Sujeewa Nelson expanding its welfare roles further towards students in families of fallen War Heroes, disabled War Heroes, serving Army personnel and civil employees, distributed a large chunk of incentives, worth more
    than Rs 3 million to achievers in Grade 5 scholarship examination, GCE O/L and GCE A/L examinations.

    At the invitation of Mrs Sujeewa Nelson, President, ASVU, General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, together with several Senior Army
    Officers added recognition to the gesture by gracing the awarding ceremony as the Chief Guest.

    A daughter and a son, two beneficiaries in the company of the President, ASVU offering sheaves of betel welcomed the day’s Chief Guest giving value to ancient traditions before
    he was conducted to the auditorium in a welcome procession, coloured by the cultural troupe of the Army.

    During the awarding ceremony, 115 scholarships for best achievers in the GCE A/L (2019) and O/L (2019) examinations and 91 students, selected at regimental level were
    accordingly awarded Rs 25,000/= each in bank deposit and a dictionary to 59 students with 'A' Passes in all 9 subjects in the GCE O/L. At the same occasion, 32 students with the
    highest Z score at the GCE A/L were awarded Rs 30,000/= in cash as bank deposits plus a dictionary for each of them as incentives for those students to continue their higher

    In addition, 24 students who obtained more than 192 marks in the Grade 5 scholarship examination (2020) received Rs 20,000/= each as bank deposit along with a parcel
    containing necessary school accessories.

    Award of those financial incentives to all those students was made possible, following funds, collected by ASVU-spearheaded community-oriented fund-raising projects and also
    thanks to the special allocations made by the Commander’s fund considering the significance of this mammoth project that assists students in Army families. The total value of
    those scholarships, accessories and grants exceeds Rs 3 million.

    The day’s Chief Guest, General Shavendra Silva, Mrs Sujeewa Nelson and a few more invitees joined on stage to give away those stimulants to the beneficiaries as their names
    were called out. The day’s Chief Guest, General Shavendra Silva contributing a few words to the occasion commended the ASVU for its continuation of this annual welfare
    project, despite challenges, posed by the epidemic and other challenges. He requested the beneficiaries to make use of those incentives for the betterment of their future since it is
    the education that could mould their future who could undertake responsibilities in future.

    Chairpersons of Regimental Seva Vanitha Units, ASVU's senior executive members, civil employees, family members of those students, parents and a gathering of invitees
    attended the awarding ceremony. The vote of thanks, raised by one of the beneficiaries, a daughter in the Visakha College brought the day’s proceedings to end with the national
    anthem sung.

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