October 24, 2021
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    Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps HQ Complex Enters into its New 5-Storied Building

    September 25, 2021

    The new state-of-the art 5-storied new office complex at the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC) Headquarters at Borella was ceremonially inaugurated and warmed sept ;(23) during a simple ceremony, headed by General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army who was warmly welcomed on arrival and awarded colour-rich military honours in accordance with military formalities.

    A vibrant Guard Turnout at the entrance to SLAWC HQ at first greeted the day’s Chief Guest after the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps Centre Commandant, Brigadier Chaminda Thibbotuge received the day’s Chief Guest before he was cordially welcomed by Major General Priyantha Perera, Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps and Chief of Staff of the Army.

    The brief but the dignified event then saw General Shavendra Silva unveil a plaque and declared the new office complex open by cutting a ribbon amid ‘Seth Pirith’ chanting of members of the Maha Sangha. The new office complex includes 1 SLAWC, Officers’ Carrier Planning Section, store room, branch offices and volunteer coordinating office, etc enabling all to perform duties under one roof and resolve administrative issues in a speedy manner.

    The Army Commander afterwards, together with Mrs Sujeewa Nelson, President, Army Seva Vanitha Unit, Major General Priyantha Perera, Mrs Pathma Perera, Chairperson SLAWC Seva Vanitha Unit had a close look inside the new storied building and sat for a photo session as memories of the day’s itinerary.

    Major General Priyantha Perera, Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps and Chief of Staff of the Army as the day's formalities were reaching culmination awarded a special memento to the day’s Chief Guest, symbolic of the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps’ gratitude and appreciation. Prior to his departure, General Shavendra Silva left a few complimentary remarks in the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps Visitors’ Book and left memories.

    A restricted crowd of Senior Officers, including Major General Sanjaya Wanasinghe, Adjutant General, Major General Sujeewa Senarathyapa, Commander Security Forces-West, Major General Hirosha Wanigasekara, Master General Ordnance, Senior Officers, Commanding Officers of Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps and Other Ranks witnessed the day’s proceedings, strictly following health guidelines.

    The SLAWC project, erected by 6 (V) Corps of Engineer Service Regiment was funded through the patronage of the Commander of the Army and SLAWC HQ. It was made possible within a short span of time due to untiring efforts of Major General Priyantha Perera, Colonel Commandant, SLAWC, Brigadier Janaka Rathnayake, former Centre Commandant SLAWC, Brigadier Chaminda Thibbotuge, incumbent Centre Commandant SLAWC, Council Members in the SLAWC.

    The SLAWC Colonel Commandant when he arrived there a few months ago proposed the establishment of these facilities inside the complex on priority basis.

    The SLAWC was raised on 01st September 1979 on a conceptual notion of late Commander of the Army General J.E.D Perera with the motto of ‘Savi Bala Sith - Avi Bala Deth’. The Corps is composed of two regular battalions and five volunteer battalions. The primary aim of raising Women’s Corps was to provide telephone operators, computer operators, nurses and clerks, to release the male counterparts to the battlefield. However, woman soldiers were also employed for field duties later.

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