October 24, 2021
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    Government would not control Social Media

    September 23, 2021


    Social Media cannot be controlled by imposing strict laws, and the Government would never take action to control Social Media, says Cabinet Spokesman and Media Minister Dallas Alahapperuma.

    Journalists questioned the Minister during the Media briefing to inform Cabinet decisions held at the Government’s Information Department today (22).

    Expressing his views regarding the matter, the Minister said: ‘As the Minister of Media and Joint Cabinet Spokesman, I announce with the responsibility that the Social Media would not be controlled by imposing laws. However, I kindly request media organizations such as the Editors’ Guild and Television and Broadcasters Guild to come to an allegiance with the Government to follow some ethics and policies in the profession. When wrong news is published, the feelings of certain factions are hurt. I request you to take such incident into consideration and take some control’.

    Laws cannot control the media, and the irregularities committed by certain media could be rectified through cordial discussions therefore every journalist needs to impose self-censorship in publishing news, Minister Alahapperuma said.


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