July 28, 2021
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    Hajj Message

    July 21, 2021

    The Muslims of Sri Lanka, together with fellow Muslim brothers in the whole world celebrate the Haj Festival today. The Haj pilgrimage is performed in the month of Dhul Haj which is the final month of Islamic calendar. It marks the sacrifice and devotion of the Muslims in the path of serving the Almighty Allah who is the creator of the mankind .

    Performing the Haj which is one of five essential duties of Muslims, has been made compulsory only to the rich, healthy and affordable people at least once in their life time. Islam further teaches us that those who cannot perform the Haj, could spend their wealth to help the poor people in their neighbourhood.

    Let us understand the values and principles of the teachings of Islam, which strengthen the coexistence, peace and harmony among all the communities and live and promote the brotherhood and equality among all the people.
    I take this opportunity to convey to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka , who celebrate the Haj festival today, my sincere best wishes and heartiest greetings.
    Ali Sabry P.C.
    Minister of Justice

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