September 25, 2021
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    A Special COPE Committee Meeting Scheduled for the 22 nd

    June 18, 2021

    The Chairman of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) and Member of Parliament, Prof. Charitha Herath has decided to hold a special Committee meeting on the 22 nd in Parliament.

    The COPE Committee Meeting scheduled for its members will review the progress of the implementation of recommendations given by the Committee to all institutions listed on the 02 reports which has been submitted to the 9 th Parliament.


    The COPE Committee Chair Prof. Charitha Herath further stated that it is intended to decide on which institutions are to be summoned in future before the COPE Committee at this special meeting.

    Furthermore, discussions with regards to conducting COPE Committee meetings online via Zoom technology at the prevailing COVID 19 situation is also scheduled to be taken up for discussion.

    Accordingly, the Chairman of the relevant Government institution, officials in charge of institutional accounts as well as the respective Secretary to the relevant Ministry the
    government institution is affiliated to, are scheduled to be summoned before the Committee whilst attention will be given in having the other officials connect through a digital platform.

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