June 14, 2021
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    Despite Covid-19 challenges, Sri Lanka’s digital service sector shows growth

    June 07, 2021

    The latest Central Bank report (2020) shows that last year saw steady growth in government projects aimed at enhancing the digital infrastructure of the Sri Lankan economy.

    Accordingly, the growth of internet connections has also increased by 30.7%. Among those services is the Lanka Government Network (LGN) and the Lanka Government Cloud (LGC), which are operated by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.


    Circular PS / GPA / Circular / 01/2020 issued by the President’s Secretary on January 13, 2020 identifies the Lanka Government Network (LGN) and the Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) as the National Information and Communication Technology Digital Infrastructure System of the Sri Lankan Government.


    The Director of Digital Infrastructure of the Information and Communication Technology Agency, Ravindra Pathirana asserted that the Lanka Government Network (LGN) intends to connect all government agencies through a single computer network and use the information files, e-mail services and other electronic content of each institution for official purposes and public purposes. By this, it was able to network 3500 government agencies through a wide area network (WAN).


    As its first step, 860 government agencies were connected through the Lanka Government Network (LGN) under the first phase. It includes the Presidential Secretariat, the Prime Minister's Office, the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministries, 49 State Ministries, 191 Departments, Department Branches and Affiliates, 25 District Secretariats, 331 Divisional Secretariats, 47 Statutory Boards and their branches, 46 Government Hospitals, 167 Provincial Councils Local Government Institutions and their affiliates.


    In addition, 1400 Free Wi-Fi hotspots have been set up in public places for free access to the Internet. Moreover, government officers will be able to connect to their workplace from any other government institution connected to the Lanka Government Network (LGN) and this will enable them to provide an efficient service to the public.


    Furthermore, Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) has provided facilities to 150 government agencies to maintain their digital services. Through this, more than 175 different digital services and more than 500 websites have been launched for public services.




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