May 11, 2021
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    Today is the International Labour Day

    May 01, 2021

    Today, May o1st  marks International Labour Day which is dedicated to recognizing workers and labourers and their rights.

    International Labour Day is celebrated across the world on the 1st of May every year and considered a public holiday in many countries.

    It all started in1st of May 1886, when riots erupted in Chicago against the injustice faced by a set of workers which ultimately led to the birth of the Labour Day while putting emphasis on labourers' rights, achievements and hard work.

    Marking a new milestone in the ongoing struggle for labour rights, the Sri Lankan working class united with workers around the world and thereby Sri Lanka celebrated its first Labour Day in 1927.

    By 1947, labourers' struggles in the country had intensified. Amid the struggles, May Day became a national holiday in Sri Lanka under Bandaranaike Government.

    Nonetheless, due to the prevailing pandemic situation in Sri Lanka and across the world, all the pre-planned May-Day rallies have been cancelled. Yet, it is our responsibility to recognize the rights of labourers and appreciate their hard work and dedication while celebrating International Labour Day today.

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