March 01, 2021
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      The Elephant-human conflict in Sri Lanka to be brought up at the COPA committee again

    February 21, 2021

    The Special Audit Report on the Elephant-Human Conflict in Sri Lanka has been called before the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) again on the February 23 rd .

    The COPA Committee which was held on the 9 th of December 2020, disclosed that Sri Lanka has become a country with the highest number of elephant deaths in the world due to the human-elephant conflict. It was also revealed that Sri Lanka has the second-highest number of reported human deaths in the world as a result of the ongoing human-elephant conflict.


    These facts were presented by Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando, a scholar with many years of research experience regarding the human-elephant conflict.
    Although the average number of elephant death in Sri Lanka due to the ongoing human- elephant conflict is 272 per year, it was mentioned at the COPA Committee that 407
    elephants have died during the past year. It was also pointed out that though the average number of human deaths due to the human-elephant conflict is 85 per year, in the year
    2019 a number of 122 human lives have been lost.
    Accordingly, the recommendations put forward in Sri Lanka pertaining to minimizing the human-elephant conflict will be considered at the COPA Committee.
    The COPA Committee will take up the Performance of the Government Schools in which the number of students relatively minimized on February 24 th and the performance of the Sri Lanka Department of Customs will be up on the February 25 th


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