March 01, 2021
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    Development of Iranativu area as an economic and tourist paradise

    January 23, 2021

    Minister of Fisheries Douglas Devananda asserts, his sole intention was to develop the area of Iranativu as an economic and tourist paradise.

    He stated this at a media briefing regarding the initial work on the cultivation of sea leeches in Iranativu with the support of a private investor and the use of modern technology.


    Minister further explained that the construction of a sea leech farm with modern technology and storage facilities for the first time in Sri Lanka at the expense of Rs.40 million from the private sector is carried out with the collaboration of the National Aquaculture Development Authority, private investors, and Iranativu sea leech farmers association. For this purpose, an acre of land has been distributed to 83 fishermen in the Iranativu area and 20 acres of land has been allocated for raising sea leeches.


    Minister confirmed that the preliminary work of the said project is in its final stages and will be launched soon. Fish farming will be an additional source of income in this project and it will give priority to Iranativu fishermen. Mr. Devananda assured that this project will provide an opportunity for the people of this area to uplift their economy.


    He finally said that he hopes to make Iranativu a tourism paradise with the assistance of both government and private sectors.




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