March 28, 2023
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    Grain imports halted: Now grow more and earn more -President tells Rajarata farmers

    July 05, 2020

    President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says in Anuradhapura that now is the time for local farmers to increase their production aiming both local and foreign markets and earn more as importation of grains has been restricted.

    The President call upon framing community to engage themselves in mass cultivation of grains such as maize, Undu, Mun, Kawpi and Kurakkan.

    President Rajapaksa made these remarks joining the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna election campaign in Anuradhapura,  (July 03).

    The President who joined the public gathering organized by the former State Minister Weerakumara Dissanayake at  Kahatagasdigiliya, engaged in a cordial discussion with the residents of the area and inquired into their well-being. Farmers conveyed the President that they are capable of delivering good produce if they receive their water supply and fertilizers in time. The President also highlighted the importance of using more and more organic fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

    The next public meeting, organized by S.C Muthukumarana held at Horowpathana fair ground. There the President instructed the officials to resolve the issues faced by the acting school principals in the area. He also inquired into the educational progress of the students in the area from the principals present at the scene.

    The President also joined the public gathering organized by the former Minister Tissa Karaliyadda at Kebethigollawa City Park. The villagers informed the President that the development process has been delayed due to the issues relating to the prevailing contract system. They further said that Aloe vera, paddy and maize cultivation is also successful in their areas. President Rajapaksa also paid his attention to the steps taken to curb the spread of kidney diseases and the problems related to the lack of storage facilities for the farmer community.

    The President paid his attention to the problems related to the human-elephant conflict in the Medawachchiya area   and farmers’ loans.

    During the public meeting held at Senanayake Children’s Park, Medawachchiya, President Rajapaksa discussed in detail regarding the threat of wild elephants causing damages to the crops.

    The President also joined public gatherings held in near the Toluwila Archaeological Reserve and Anuradhapura Hospital Road, Bank Junction in support of SLPP candidates Sarath Kumarasiri and Professor Channa Jayasumana respectively.

    The President who joined the public gatherings organized by Uddika Premarathna in Kada-50 and former State Minister Shehan Semasinghe near the Kumbichchankulam tank, stated that  the support extended by the farmer community in the Anuradhapura district to uplift the country’s agricultural economy is highly commendable.

    Minister S.M. Chandrasena and former Chief Minister of the Province, S.M. Ranjith were present on this occasion.

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