March 28, 2023
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    NOCPCO Head Appeals the Public to Continue Health Precautions & Guidelines

    June 29, 2020

    While paying gratitude to the general public for the overwhelming support they extended towards the near successful control of spread of COVID-19 in the country, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head, National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army appealed the general public to continue their COVID-19 preventive health practices further using face masks, keeping social distancing, hand washing, etc until further instructions are received from health authorities.

    This was stated by him June (27) in Kandy in response to Media queries as regards ongoing COVID-19 control work in the country.

    " Thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders, including Public Health Inspectors, Health workers, Tri service troops, we locally recorded the last COVID-19-affected Sri Lankan nearly some two months back but foreign arrivals, being brought down here continue to report a couple of infected cases from time to time. Yet, they are also mostly Sri Lankan brethren and countrymen who are being repatriated due to intervention of HE the President and the government. It is also our duty to take care of them too as countrymen while adopting maximum health precautions. Armed Forces in all island-wide Quarantine Centres are now well adapted and fully geared to take care of them after keeping them in quarantine as has been the practice. Therefore, it is essential for us to be well alert to our day-to-day health practices and continue those guidelines for the best interests of our society, "Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva remarked.


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