March 28, 2023
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    Amidst dire financial restraints the government took measures to grant the Rs. 5000 allowance to the people

    May 23, 2020

    The government had taken measures to provide the people Rs. 5000 to assist them through this difficult period despite the financial restraints faced by the government, but in accordance with the orders of the Election Commission to stop the granting of the Rs. 5000 allowance to the people, the government is compelled to comply with these orders and would not be able to grant the Rs. 5000 for June, Minister Bandula Gunawardena said during the Cabinet briefing May (21).


    With those on the waiting list and the Samurdhi recipients, the government requires Rs. 12,651 million to pay this allowance and Rs. 9,624 for 1,924,967 persons who were engaged in rural employment and are now without work.

    In calculating the state sector employees and other parties eligible to receive this allowance, it was determined that 688,811 persons were eligible to receive this allowance and accordingly, 5,144,046 persons were deemed eligible to receive this allowance.

    Minister Gunawardena noted that this allowance was paid to those in need during this crisis on humanitarian grounds, irrespective of their political affiliations and for this two months over Rs. 50 billion had been allocated by the government to meet this payment despite the financial restraints of the Treasury.

    Dr. Gunawardane said the Samurdhi fund is not sufficient and an additional amount of Rs.16,000 million is required to pay the Rs 5,000 allowance for May. Cabinet approval has been granted to obtain a short term loan from a bank with the Samurdhi fund kept as surety.

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