March 28, 2023
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    Covid-19 testing to be increased to determine if there are more infections

    April 05, 2020

    The Health Services Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe said that testing procedures would be further expanded to determine if there are more persons who are infected with the Coronavirus. He said this during the media briefing of the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of Covid-19 yesterday (04).


    Samples have been obtained from persons in identified areas and based on these results three persons had tested positive and by the 03rd night three were detected from Jaffna and one from Puttalam.

    During further testing one each was detected from Dehiwala and Pannipitiya, one who had returned from South Korea, one pregnant mother from Beruwala and three others from samples tested yesterday with two from Akurana and one from Puttalam.The Nursing officer at the hospital had acted very cleverly regarding the detection of the pregnant mother in Beruwala and protected the hospital staff. The pregnant lady is currently receiving treatment at the Nagoda Hospital.Currently, 273 suspected Covid-19 patients are being treated in hospitals, but unfortunately a 44-year-old patient from Homagama who was receiving treatment at the Welikanda Hospital passed away, Dr. Jasinghe said.

    As this virus is deadly the public is urged to comply with the regulations imposed by the government for the safety of the people. Dr. Jasinghe also requested any person suspected of being infected to seek proper medical treatment at a hospital as soon as it is detected without waiting until the condition worsens.

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