November 29, 2022
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    Seventy (70) sea turtle hatchlings released to the ocean by Navy turtle conservation project

    March 09, 2020

    Seventy (70) sea turtle hatchlings emerged at the turtle conservation site at Panama managed under the Navy turtle conservation project, were released to the ocean yesterday.(8)


    Several turtle conservation sites are being run by the Navy under the guidance of Commander of the Navy and the head of the Marine and Environment conservation Committee Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, with the prime objective of conservation of sea turtle species which have faced a threat of existence, for conserving bio diversity of the marine eco system.

    Accordingly, 70 sea turtles which were emerged from the eggs hatched under the Navy’s protection at the turtle conservation site in Panama were released to the ocean under the supervision of Deputy Area Commander South Eastern Naval Area Commodore Neville Ubayasiri.

    Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Navy which is rich of efficient man power, has convinced that the conservation of marine resources is on utmost importance, have been conducting number of conservation activities along the coastal areas of the island.

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