November 29, 2022
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    ‘Super LARC’ compensation system for victims of Uma Oya project Featured

    July 08, 2017

    The Government will introduce the ‘Super LARC’ system of compensation to those affected by the Uma Oya Multi-purpose Development Project, said State Minster for Mahaweli Development, Mahinda Amaraweera.

    The Land Acquisition and Re-settlement Committees (LARCs) were introduced in 2013 to decide on compensation for those who were to lose property during road development and railway development projects.  


    Those affected thus can appeal to the ‘Super LARC’ body for higher compensation than normally given by the Valuation Department.  


    “The government has recognized a total of 52 houses which are not suitable to live in due to the project and they are being granted compensation. We have also given them money to rent houses on a temporary basis until permanent land can be allocated”, said Minister Amaraweera.  


    Thus far the government he further explained had paid a sum of Rs 197.6 million for those in the affected houses and a further Rs 367.9 million as compensation for crop damage, “We have also written off their agricultural loans and provided more time to repay their other loans”, he said.


    An additional Rs 300 million has been released to the Badulla District Secretariat to settle compensation claims, he added. (CDN)

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