August 07, 2022
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    NSDI system to provide information at the finger tips

    April 25, 2017

    Sri Lanka’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure system will be prepared according to the international standards and criteria, said Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA).

    This system will collect data under 12 key sectors including education, transport, health, agriculture, irrigation, disaster management, wildlife and forest conservation, and climatic and weather related data.


    ICTA is of the view that such a system is essential to plan the future development and improve the life style of the people.


    In addition, such a system is of importance for investors to identify the most suitable places for investment which will show the danger or the security of the identified place.


    Disaster management being more practical and easy exchange of information will support to take correct decisions.


    In parallel, the legal and policy framework will also be created to successfully and stably maintain this Infrastructure system.



    It is also expected that a policy framework will also be created to exchange those data without any hindrance.


    The benefits derived from such an exercise will help national development directly and indirectly.


    The National Spatial Data Institute (NSDI) will be established supporting this initiative.

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