January 22, 2020
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    Media Releases

    Media Releases (115)

    Police Headquarters requests the general public to help the Police to trace the whereabouts of a suspect, in connection with the Easter Sunday bomb attacks. Police say the suspect was an accomplice in the purchase and the modification of the van used by the suicide bomber to arrive at the Kochchikade St. Anthony's Church.

    Government has issued an Extraordinary Gazette notification proscribing three extremist organizations in the country.Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena with the powers vested in him under the Emergency regulations has banned the National Thowheed Jama'ath (NTJ), Jama'athe Milla'athe Ibrahim (JMI) and Willayath As Seylani.

    State Minister of Defence, Ruwan Wijewardene was appointed as the acting Defence Minister until President Maithripala Sirisena returns from China, the Director General of Government Information Department Nalaka Kaluwewa announced short while ago.

    Three new telephone numbers have been introduced to inform on the children whose custodians have died in the Easter Sunday terrorist attacksPolice Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara at a media briefing on Saturday at the Media center of the Defense Ministry said that the Children's and Women's Bureau of Sri Lanka Police are taking measure to obtain information on children displaced in the April 21 attacks as a result of the demise of their custodians from the attacks. The Police Media Spokesman introduced three telephone numbers through which information of such displaced children could be provided to the police. The numbers are 011 244 44 44, 011 233 70 39, and 011 233 70 41.


    The Department of Government Information says that neither the Government nor the Department has imposed any restriction on media. Issuing a statement yesterday (11), the department said it has established a formal mechanism to disseminate the information with the coordination of all media institutions, and the media spokespersons of the Tri Forces and the Police.“A meeting was held last week at the Department of Government Information with heads of media institutions to discuss how information can be disseminated to media institutions.”

    Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Abdul Haleem yesterday informed Trustees of Mosques not to engage or permit any gathering of Jamaath to promote or propagate hatred or extremism in any form. Minister Haleem in a statement said the Board of Trustees of the mosque will be held responsible if such activities were conducted at mosques and they will be dealt with by the law.

    UGC informs all state universities and Higher Education Institutes that vice Chancellors are authorized to decide the dates and modes of commencement of academic activities at any date from the 13th May 2019, once the Vice Chancellor is assured with the safety status and security of the university.


    The Meteorology Department yesterday, issued a notice requesting people to be cautious of a heat wave that some parts of the country might experience today. They observed that the maximum heat indexes in some areas have already increased.

    The Ministry of Education has taken steps to commence the schools on Monday (06) following the announcement by the Security Forces that the security in and around schools has been confirmed. Accordingly, the number of students attending schools is increasing and the education activities of the schools are getting normal and the Ministry of Education has instructed all the heads of schools to take steps to hold the academic activities normally.

    However, the Ministry of Education says it has received many complaints that some groups are making statements to disrupt the school activities and some principals and teachers have also been forcing the school children not to attend the schools.

    The Ministry of Education has decided to take disciplinary action against such individuals and groups who engage in disruptive acts for various narrow political purposes and opportunistic personal goals. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education has issued a communiqu� announcing that information will be given to the Criminal Investigations Department regarding such individuals and groups for legal action.


    A request has been made not to telecast the occasions when the security forces conduct search operations in houses and public places through the media. Furthermore, clear instructions have been given by President Maithripala Sirisena to the security forces not to allow participation of journalists and civilians when conducting search operations and it has to be conducted exclusively by the members of the security forces.

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