October 02, 2022
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    Modernized Child and Maternity Clinics at Kelaniya Constituency vested with the people

    May 01, 2014

    Mrs. Pushpa Rajapaksa, Attorney at Law and Chairperson of the Liya Abhiman Organization stated that, 60 child and maternity clinics have been modernized under the Child and Maternity Clinic Modernization and Reconstruction Programme implemented in Gampaha District in keeping with a concept of Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

    This was so stated by her at a ceremony held on 29th April for vesting with the people, two modernized child and maternity clinics at Hunupitiya and Sinmharamulla in Kelaniya Electorate.

    She added that these two clinics constructed with the objectives of creating a healthy future generation and provide highest standard facilities to the expecting mothers and the infants. It was revealed that Minister Basil Rajapksa has decided to construct at least 5 child and maternity clinics per every electoral division in Gampaha District and it is the responsibility of all concerned to protect and preserve these resources institutions for the benefit of the future generations.

    Child and Maternity clinics at Dalugamgoda and Peliayagoda  in Kelaniya Electorate have already been  developed and vested with the people and work on Manelgama Clinic has been completed which will be vested with the people in the near future.  Accordingly, action has been taken to provide 05 child and maternity clinics to the people in Kelaniya as per instructions given by Minister Basil Rajapksa. These clinics are fully equipped with modern facilities.

    Regional Director of Health and a host of medical practitioners were among the large gathering of well wishers.


    Clinics at Hunupitiya and Sinharamulla 3

    Clinics at Hunupitiya and Sinharamulla 4

    Clinics at Hunupitiya and Sinharamulla 5


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