May 11, 2021
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    S14 Chinese power-sets for hill country

    August 13, 2019

    One of nine Chinese-made S14 power-sets which were specially designed to operate in the hill country arrived from China last morning, the Transport Ministry said today.It said the nine power-sets were built at an estimated cost of Rs.1839.5 million.Each train consists of two S14 power-sets, two air-conditioned compartments, three third-class compartments, two-second class compartments and a compartment for the buffet.

    Railway General Manager Dilantha Fernando said the power-sets would be used for the hill country railway services after a test run in the next few days."The Railway Department has faced a shortage of trains for the upcountry services and because of the mountains and bends, it was difficult to operate trains that were longer with many compartments," he said.Mr. Fernando said it was for this reason that the Transport Ministry had decided to import nine power-sets which were especially designed for use in the upcountry.

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