June 16, 2019
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    Relief for the crop damage caused by Sena caterpillar

    January 07, 2019

    The government has taken measures to provide relief to the farmers for the crop damage caused by Sena caterpillar (fall army-worm).According to the Agriculture Minister P. Harrison, the Agriculture Ministry has allocated Rs 50 million to provide compensations for the damage caused by the caterpillar invasion.

    The maize and sugar cane cultivation in Anuradhapura, Ampara and Monaragala has been badly damaged by due to the caterpillar infestation.Minister P. Harrison recently engaged in an inspection tour of the Nachchaduwa area in Anuradhapura on last Saturday to observe the infestation and evaluate the damage to the crops.

    According to the Minister, the Agriculture Ministry has already introduced several methods to control the fall army-worm including the introduction of four types of chemicals, moth trap and drone technology.

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