October 02, 2022
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    Regional mobile services to procure public legal documents

    July 04, 2014

    Ministry of National Languages ​​and Social Integration Korale Pattu North,Vakare jointly conducted a regional mobile services to procure public legal documents.

    This public service was held on yesterday (03) morning at Roman Catholic school in Mankeni.

    Event was led by Divisional Secretary Ms. S.R. Ragulanayaki. Further, School's Principal K. Navaradnam, Ministry of National Languages ​​and Social Integration, Secretariat of the District Development Officer of the National Integration V. Chandrakumar, Grama Niladari and Staffs of Divisional Secretariat also have participated to this event.

    National Languages ​​and Social Integration Ministry has implemented a project for the requirement of getting legal document & satisfying the needs of public who were affected by war and natural disasters. This was a result of this project.


    On this reginal mobile service, the public who needs of Birth, death certificates and identity cards were fulfilled during the day. More than 300 people have got it's service.


    At the same time, this event will be held on coming 08th of July at Pannichchan keni Grama Niladari office, and on 10th July at Multicenter of Kunchankeni, on 15th July Roman Catholic school in Palsenai by Ministry of National Languages ​​and Social Integration. (HC/SF)




















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