October 02, 2022
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    Beautifying Colombo

    April 03, 2014

    Fulfilling yet another beautification project in Colombo the floating market complex in Bastian Mawatha and former Auditor General's building nearby Torrington square will be opened for pubic in near future.

    On successful completion of these priceless projects, those would definitely add an extra elegance to the city of Colombo in accordance with the greener and cleaner people friendly environment concept.


    Colombo municipal council in collaboration with the Urban Development authority are developing the other infrastructure facilities such as Torrington square, urban council premises, Vihara Maha Devi park including the road network with an elevated pavement system.


    The historical Auditor General's Building complex was constructed in 1799. On completion of the entire project the premises will become another giant commercial complex which entices locals and foreigners to the venue. The building complex will be comprised of 40 cubicles approximately which will be dedicatedly designed for commercial purposes and it will also be fashioned with stylish water fountains, aquarium, walkways, and fishponds.


    In the meantime, Bastian Mawatha floating commercial complex is also nearing its final stages of constructions. Previously this area was an unattractive venue for all filled with garbage pits and stink unhygienic drainage systems. But today it has been transformed into a setting which is pleasing to the eyes of all visiting.


    Colombo is one of the key cities in the Asian region which is rapidly booming in the world current context. Due to the three decade long ruthless battle the Colombo development had been ignored, but in the post war scenario the present government realized the necessity of its rapid development. Citizens of the country are now reaping the dividends of the hard earned peace with their loved ones. Under the visionary measures of the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, authorities have created plentiful places in the city where people could be able to spend their leisure time in leisure parks. The Dutch Hospital, Old Fertilizer Store, Central Bank currency museum, Gangarama Temple suburbs, Viharamaha Devi Park, Colombo Municipal Council Square, Race Course and the Torrington Square are some of them.


    The Colombo Dutch Hospital is considered to be one of the oldest buildings in the Colombo Fort dating back to the Dutch colonial era. It is now a heritage of the city with a shopping and dining precinct in area. The building which ranged from 1656 to 1776 AD has been restored while retaining its original Dutch architecture. It's centrally located surrounded by city hotels enriching its splendorous view giving much value to the city of Colombo comprising 12 stalls including restaurant, jewellery, textile and handicraft.


    The Colombo Race Course was an abandoned piece of land which had been used for race horsing in 1893. Subsequently with the acquisition by the Royal Air Force it had been transformed into a short term airfield during the World War II. As of today, The Colombo Race Course refurbishment which began under the Colombo modernization and beatification project is a perfect structure which catches up tourist attraction in the city. The new refurbished Race Course mini stand is comprised of a pavilion, restaurants, a stationary shop, dress boutiques, sports shops, handy crafts and gifts shops. These kinds of elegant invaluable buildings with the aspiration of attracting visitors are an added value to the city development.


    The development of Town Hall Square has helped the city of Colombo retain its historical 'Garden City' character while improving access to all public areas located within the square. The more significant interventions are overall upgrading of the Town Hall building, its extensive lawns, three kilometer road network surrounding the historic city landmark and also the Viharamahadevi Park including the pedestrian sidewalks, street lighting, centre isles and roundabouts. The park, the largest in the city has also had a major facelift with the new addition of cycle tracks, improved footpaths, lightning and attractively redesigned children's play area. The specially built kiddies water play will no doubt be a huge hit with the children.


    Improvements to the roads network in the heart of the city's residential and commercial district have helped to streamline vehicular movement and reduce congestion of rush hour traffic. Traffic related incidents and road accidents have greatly been reduced due widened roads with improved and well placed road signs.


    By easing the living facilities of low income families in Colombo area a number of housing complexes have been built and their living standards were upgraded. As a part of the greater national development drive Colombo slums are being removed and replaced new high rise apartment complexes. The former slum dwellers will receive a complete housing units with all facilities. In addition public facilities will also be developed and improved.


    The Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and the Development Corporation together developed the canal system lies between the cities. The main aim was to improve the entire drainage system in the Metro Colombo region and to avoid accumulating of rain water on roads due to blockade of waste water gravity flow.


    Beira Lake, Diyawanna Lake and other vital water retention areas have been dredged, de-silted and rehabilitated with significant improvements to the existing canal network. This canal net work a substitute mode of water based transportation for passenger and goods which would be very effective. Diyawanna Lake side has transformed to a better place for relaxation with its own natural panoramic view, and even people can enjoy paddle boating.


    Generations which are yet to be born would have ample places to take pleasure in the time to come. It's our responsibility to extend supportive hands to accomplish such projects. Having Sri Lanka recognized one of the finest destinations for eco-tourism, country needs people's linkage into the chain of revival.


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