January 19, 2020
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    The struggle made by Ven.Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero for a democratic society is unparalleled - President

    November 12, 2015

    Condolence Message by President Maithripala on the demise of the Most Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera:

    The whole nation is deeply saddened to hear of the demise of the Most Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera.


    He was well respected by not only Buddhist community, but also every citizen of this country those belonged to different communities and religions. The people of Sri Lanka will never forget Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera and his commitment for the development of social and religious affairs in the country, building religious reconciliation among different communities and his efforts to restore democracy throughout the country.


    His determination to bring negative political forces that existed in the country to the right path was a great guidance and stimulation for the public commitment to strengthen democracy in Sri Lanka. That inspiration gave us an immense courage to form a good governance government under my leadership to take the country towards the right path.


    The guidance and advices received by me from the Sobitha Thera regarding my political career during the past few decades, gave me the strength to stand on behalf of the betterment of the country. I strongly believe that guidance and advices given by the Thera has become a beacon for us to continue the social justice within the country in the future too, which he had desired.


    Most Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera’s commitment for the political, religious and cultural transformation in the society is a long process which dates backs to four decades.


    While rendering a great service to the Sri Lanka Amadapya Viyaparaya, he also took steps to initiate a social dialogue in coordination with Professor Sarathchandra against the then emerging cultural and economic erosion.


    He left an indelible mark in the Sri Lankan society as a religious leader who pioneered to open up a dialogue regarding the new political culture and as a prominent leader who stood up for religious and national reconciliation in the country. I believe the struggle he did in the recent past for a democratic society is unparalleled.


    I believe it is our responsibility to fulfill Most Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera’s wishes to develop Sri Lanka that ensures social justice. I pledge totally to commit myself to work in accordance with the guidance and advices given by the late Nayaka Thera and together with my fellow citizens of Sri Lanka I wish the Nayaka Thera may attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.

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