December 09, 2019
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    Rs 80,000 mn allocated for Gamperaliya projects - Minister

    July 16, 2018

    Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera said the biggest development project started recently by the Government is the Gamperaliya massive development programme.Samaraweera made these remarks while addressing the inaugural ceremony to launch the Gamperaliya program on Madatta Tank bund at Nikaweratiya yesterday.

    He said that he is happy to begin this massive development programme which covers the entire countryThe Minister said the Treasury had allocated Rs 80,000 million for this programme. Projects coming under the Gamperaliya programme will be completed in the next five months.

    The Minister said that it had been planned to renovate over 4,000 rural tanks to boost the contribution of the agricultural sector to the economy from the current seven to eight per cent of the GDP, to a much higher level.

    “Of the tanks, renovation work of 300 tanks will be completed by November. Besides, 6,936 rural roads will be renovated whist toilet facilities will be provided with 8,930 small schools. Rs 1 million each will be allocated to construct 500 playgrounds. Hygienic facilities of weekly fairs will be improved. ‘Green Parks’ will also be constructed.

    Over 200,000 housing units, which have no electricity supply will be connected to the national grid. Rs 30,000 has been allocated for each housing unit for the electrifying programme. “As a result no house without electricity will be found by the end of this year,” the Minister noted.

    Speaking of the Enterprise Sri Lanka programme, Samaraweera said the Government has embarked on a series of measures to accelerate economic growth in all key sectors that drive the economy. The village economic revival under the Enterprise Sri Lanka and the Gamperaliya programmes will expedite economic growth from the current status.

    He said that loan facilities will be provided to commence enterprises at a low interest rate.“Under this Enterprise Sri Lanka programme, youth will be given a helping hand to be entrepreneurs. A big sum of money will be given without an interest. Half of the interest of certain loans will be settled by the Government. Women entrepreneurs and disabled people will be given more soft loans with a low interest rate. Graduates will be given Rs 1.5 million without any interest. Loans amounting Rs 6 million will be offered for purchasing agricultural equipment at an interest rate of 6 per cent. These loan facilities can be obtained from any bank branch from next week onwards” he added.

    Security forces personnel will take part in the tank renovating programme. The Government plans to commence renovation of 300 rural tanks within the next two months targeting to renovate all tanks across the country before the end of this year.

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