September 22, 2019
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    Sri Lanka 2018 First Quarter Tea Export Earnings at a 4 year high

    May 29, 2018

    Sri Lanka had earned over US $ 478 million from Tea Exports from January to April 2018, which is only second to the 2014 record of US $ 508.7 million, a latest Tea Market report by Asia Siyaka Commodities PLC points out. Accordingly this marks the highest earning in quarter during the last 4 years since April 2014.

    Further country had earned over a high of Rs. 74.1 billion from tea exports during the first four month period in 2018 from January to April 2018, which is up 7% compared to previous year’s figure of Rs. 69.2 billion. Tea exports for January – April 2018 had recorded at 89.7 Million Kilograms against 88.5 Million Kilograms during the same period the year before.

    Meanwhile Sri Lanka had shipped 20.8 Million Kilograms of tea in April 2018 alone, up 4% on last year’s figure of 20.1 Million Kilograms. Russia / CIS have absorbed the highest quantity of 16.9 Million Kilograms, but lower than the last year’s figure of 17.8 Million Kilograms.

    Iraq has imported 11.7 Million Kilograms against 10 Million Kilograms during the period January – April 2017, which is a gain of 17%. Shipments through Turkey have risen from 9.5 Million Kilograms to 11.3 Million Kilograms. Meanwhile Exports to Iran had however have dropped 13% from 8 Million Kilograms to 7 Million Kilograms.

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