December 05, 2019
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    Kandy Industrial Park musters US$ 93 mn export Featured

    April 25, 2018

    The Kandy Industrial Park has emerged as a major economic center in the Central Province and has contributed US$ 93 million worth of direct exports earnings in 2017. This Board of Investment of Sri Lanka’s zone has also contributed an additional US$ 3 million in indirect exports.

    Currently 26 enterprises are located at the Industrial Park, and the main sectors represented include the manufacture of garments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, panel boards and agro-processing. Among the enterprises located at the Kandy Industrial Park is Celogen Lanka Pvt Ltd which has recently built a US$ 6.6 million plant at Pallekelle. This BOI project is a joint venture between Sri Lanka and India.

    Celogen’s pharmaceutical plant manufactures a wide range of medical tablets including metformin, Losartan potassium and Atorvastatin capsules. This plant plays a vital role to the country since it contributes significantly towards import substitution of pharmaceutical products. Sri Lanka imports annually US$1 billion worth of pharmaceutical products.

    The Industrial Park became operational in 1995 and its total extent is of 207 acres, of which 85 acres are dedicated to industrial use. A total of 75.5 acres of land in the industrial area are already utilized and productive. The working population in the Industrial Park currently stands at 8,506 of which 71% are women.              

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