January 19, 2022
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    Cabinet Decisions- 29.11.2021 Featured

    November 30, 2021

    Decisions taken at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on the 29.11.2021

    1. Recommendation of the Finance Commission for the financial year 2022.

    His Excellency the President should be furnished with recommendations on the policies to be followed when distributing funds allocated from the annual budget for provincial councils by the financial commission established as per statute 154(R) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the Finance Commission has submitted the recommendations applicable to the financial year 2022 to His Excellency the President. The cabinet of ministers approved the proposal submitted by His Excellency the President for submission of those recommendations to the Parliament as per the statue 154 (R) 7 of the Constitution.


    2. Capacity building programme for the construction courses in Sri Lanka Technical
    Colleges and Technology Institutes / Colleges.

    The Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA) has agreed to award a grant of 04  million United States dollars to implement a project for enhancing the training courses in the construction sector in selected technology institutes and technical colleges with the objective of providing advanced technological and professional education that caters the work market requirements in the construction sector. It has been planned to improve the capacity ofconstruction courses in Maradana and Ratnapura technology colleges and Ratmalana and Matara technical colleges. An approximate number of United States dollars 441,000 will be the contribution of the Government of Sri Lanka for the proposed project. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval for the resolution furnished by the Minister of Education to implement the proposed project within the time frame of year 2021 to 2024 and to enter into an agreement with the Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA) for obtaining the relevant grant.


    3. Contract for the construction of buildings required for engineering technology and bio – systems technology faculty of the University of Jaffna in Killinochchi – Awarding Phase

    Approval of the Cabinet of Ministers has been granted at their meeting held on the 30 th April 2019 to furnish funds for the project to construct buildings for the engineering technology and bio – systems technology faculty of the University of Jaffna from “Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation” project implemented under World Bank funds. Accordingly, national competitive bidding procedure has been applied to call quotations to construct the relevant buildings in Killinochchi under phase 2. Accordingly, 10 bids have been received. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Education for awarding the relevant contract to Foker Marketing and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. subject to the recommendation submitted by the standing procurement committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the said bids.

    4. Construction of Cardiac Care Complex at Ratnapura Teaching Hospital

    The Ratnapura Teaching Hospital serves nearly two million people in the Sabaragamuwa Province. The hospital already provides Cardiac Care services. However, various problems have arisen due to the inadequate physical facilities. Therefore the cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Health to build a cardiology complex with the necessary facilities for the hospital and to award the relevant contract to Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau on design, build and hand over basis.


    5. Expansion of Sewerage collection Network of Ratmalana / Moratuwa Wastewater
    Disposal Project Stage 1 - Phase II


    It is planned to further expand the existing sewerage facilities under the Ratmalana / Moratuwa Wastewater Disposal Project Stage 1 - Phase II funded by the Government of Sri
    Lanka and the French Agency for Development. International competitive bids have been invited for awarding the contract for the implementation of the project and 7 bids have been submitted accordingly. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister of Water Supply to award this contract to China –GEO Engineering Corporation on recommendation of cabinet appointed procurement Committee.


    6. Legislation to make provisions for controlling election expense


    Universal suffrage is the principle of the sovereign power of Sri Lankan citizens. During an election it must be applied free and fair representing the will of the people. If a candidate, party or group spends too much money on the people's vote without any control, it can have a significant impact on the will of the people. Many countries, including India, have imposed rules and regulations to control election spending. In Sri Lanka, the need to control the expenses incurred by candidates or parties contesting elections has also been discussed.

    Approval was given at the Cabinet Meeting held on 17 th October 2017 to amend the existing Ordinances in order to make provisions to minimize the illegal conduct of elections. The Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to identify the reforms related to the structure and rules of Parliamentary elections and submit amendments has reached an agreement in consultation with the relevant parties. Accordingly, the cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by H.E. the President to advise legal draftsman to draft proposed amendments taking into account the above approvals and consensus.


    07. Submitting the Bill to the parliament for establishing the Galaha Bhadrawathi
    National Bhikku Gilanopasthana Center Trust.

     The Cabinet of Ministers approved to draft a Bill on 16 th October, 2014 for establishing a Trust to enable the Galaha Badravathi National Bhikku Center, which is maintained as a
    Bhikku Gilanopasthana Center for sick and helpless monks, to be maintained as a legal entity. Accordingly, the clearance of the Attorney General has been received for the Bill drafted by the Legal Draftsman. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Health to publish the Bill on the government gazette and submit to the parliament thereafter.

    08. Submission of Gazette Notifications to the Parliament for approval

    The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal made by the Minister of Finance to submit
    the following Gazette Notification containing the provisions laid down under the Special
    Commodity Levy Act No. 28 of 2007 in order to stabilize the market price, provide relief to
    the consumers and protect the local agriculture to the Parliament for the approval.
     Gazette Notification No.2236 /66 dated 18 th July,2021
     Gazette Notification No.2240/20 dated 11 th August,2021
     Gazette Notification No.2244/8 dated 07 th September,2021
     Gazette Notification No.2249/3 dated 11 th October , 2021
     Gazette Notification No.2249/16 dated 13 rd October,2021
     Gazette Notification No.2252/9 dated 02 nd November,2021
     Gazette Notification No.2252/25 dated 02 nd November,2021


    09. Importation of rice from Myanmar (Burma) to stabilize the price of rice in the local market

    Approval has been given by the Cabinet meeting held on 24 th September, 2021 to import 100,000 metric tons of rice enabling to keep sufficient buffer stocks of rice without any
    shortage and to maintain a safe stock of rice. Accordingly, the proposal made by the Minister of Trade to import 20,000 metric tons of rice from Myanmar on the basis of a Government to Government Agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Myanmar at a cost of US dollar 460 per metric ton by the Government of Sri Lanka through the State Various Corporation Limited, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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