October 24, 2021
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     Cabinet Decisions- 11.10.2021

    October 12, 2021



    Decisions taken at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on 11.10.2021

    1. Presenting an appropriate methodology to precisely decide and identify the national heritages in Sri Lanka.


    The Cabinet of Ministers during their meeting on 16 th November 2021 has granted approval for
    the appointment of a Committee comprised of eminencies / intellects in the subject field
    relevant to the preparation of a methodology followed by public opinion as well for
    identification of tangible and intangible national heritages that ensure the Sri Lankan cultural
    identity after considering the issues that have erupted as a result of non - availability of criteria
    or a methodology for precise identification of national heritages in Sri Lanka. The Committee
    appointed thereby has furnished their report and the same has pointed out the necessity of
    establishing a centralized independent institutional structure for identification, scheduling,
    publishing, conservation, regulation, acquisition, conducting researches etc. Accordingly, the
    Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution submitted by the Hon. Prime Minister as
    the Minister of Buddha Shasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs to perform future activities as
    per the recommendations of the said committee.

    2. Formulation of laws on cyber security.

    (a) Drafting a bill called Defense Cyber Commands Act -
    With the development of the electronic communication, terrorist groups and
    criminals have tended to use the cyber space and electronic communication for
    terrorist activities, organized crimes and anti – social activities. The electronic
    communication across cyber space has been recognized as a crucial factor that
    can directly affect the national security. Therefore, it has been vital to formulate
    new laws today, covering all sectors for ensuring the national security across
    including the required provisions so that the operations performed by cyber
    protection units which are established at institutional level at present by the three
    - armed forces, Police and other agencies.

    (b) Formulation of a draft bill for imposing cyber protection laws –
    Cyber security and preparation of an institutional structure in the connection is
    coming under the scope of the Ministry of Technology. Accordingly, followed


    by discussions held with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Technology and
    other related parties, it has been decided appropriate to formulate a respective
    draft bill as mentioned in (a) above including cyber protection provisions in
    relation to defense sector. Requirement of formulation of new laws is with the
    intention of creating a regulatory framework for implementing national
    information apart from those applicable to national defense and cyber protection
    strategy, formulation of provisions to establish Sri Lanka Cyber Protection
    Agency to act with other cooperating agencies for fulfilment of the purpose,
    introduction of legal provisions required for protecting infrastructure facilities
    related to decisive and essential information within the country, prevention of
    risk activities that affect the cyber security as well as creating a formal cyber
    protected environment within the country.

    Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval for the proposals
    furnished by His Excellency the President as the Minister of Defense and the
    Minister of Technology.

    03. Legalization of the minimum retirement age for private sector employees


    The Cabinet approval was granted on 23.03.2021 to prepare a Bill to amend the existing
    minimum age limit for retirement of private sector employees. The bill prepared accordingly
    has been further discussed with the participation of all relevant parties in the Committee on
    Study on Policy or Legal Matters Affecting the Business Sector chaired by the Prime Minister.
    The bill has been prepared by including provisions to extend the retirement age to 60 years with
    respect to employees who have not attained the age of 52 years on the effective date of the
    proposed Act. and in the case of employees aged 52 years or above on the effective date of the
    proposed Act. to employ them under 3 age groups up to a maximum age of 59 years. The
    cabinet of ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister of labour to present the
    minimum retirement age for private sector employees Act prepared by the legal draftsman in
    parliament for approval.


    04 . Amendments to the Civil Procedure Code (Chapter 101)

    The Committee on Civil Law Reforms appointed by the Minister of Justice has recommended
    the necessity of amending the prevailing provisions on the issuance and the service of summons
    and has paid the attention towards the necessity of using communication methods such as

    mobile phone messages and emails that use in the present frequently for the process of serve to
    the parties of a lawsuit. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by
    the Minister of Justice to draft an amended bill in order to amend the Civil Procedure Code
    (Chapter 101) a per the recommendations of the said


    05. The schedule for the budget debate of the financial year 2022.
    The Cabinet of Ministers took into consideration of the submissions made by the Hon. Prime
    Minister that the arrangements have been made to conduct the Budget Debate Programme for
    the financial year 2022 as follows.
     Subsequently to the presentation of the Budget Proposals on 12 th November of 2021, the
    budget debate will be opened and the said debate will be continued till 22 nd November,
     The Committee Stage Debate will be opened on 23 rd November, 2021 and will continue
    till 10 th December 2021.
     The Third Reading Division of the Appropriation Bill will be held on 10 th
    December,2021 at 5.00 PM.

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