September 17, 2019
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    Paddy driers to increase farmers earning potential Featured

    August 17, 2019

    The government has received the cabinet nod to provide paddy driers to farmers to enable them to earn more money for their harvests.After milling, the harvested paddy with high moisture content should be dried properly for safe storage since high moisture in the harvested paddy promotes the development of insects and molds. The delay in drying, incomplete drying or uneven drying will result in the loss of the anticipated standard of the rice.

    Paddy drying is often a problem for the farmers and they have to sell their wet paddy stock at a lower price to the large scale rice mill owners due to lack of proper on-farm drying technologies at affordable cost.As such, in accordance with the recommendations of the working committee appointed on the instructions given by the Cabinet Committee on Cost of Living, a proposal has been made to implement a pilot project among the paddy farmers in the Polonnaruwa District which has a higher production and grows paddy twice a year for popularizing the drying technology.
    President Maithripala Sirisena at the request of the Non Cabinet Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution, Dr. Harsha de Silva has made a proposal to provide paddy driers to the paddy farmer associations in the Polonnaruwa district as a pilot project.It has been proposed to provide a mobile drier with a capacity of 2 metric tons (MT) valued at Rs.3 million (without tax) and a fixed drier with a capacity of 6 MT valued at Rs. 6 million (without tax) for five farmer organizations each in the Polonnaruwa District adopting a mechanism for recovering the expenditure incurred by the Government,
    The farmer associations will be selected by the Department of Agrarian Services, with the assistance of the all Island Rice Millers Association.The cabinet has given its approval to the proposal put forward by the President.

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