August 26, 2019
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    Strict security at all courthouses

    April 25, 2019

    A comprehensive security plan has been implemented to ensure safety and security of all courthouses in the country, Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) President Kalinga Indatissa, PC, said.Speaking to the media yesterday at the BASL premises, he said this is a coordinated plan which has been prepared with the assistance of the Prime Minister’s office, Justice Ministry, Attorney General’s Department and Judicial Officers.

    “We have 256 courthouses in almost 100 court complexes. Today we have a national crisis and in such situation, we have to cooperate with the Police and Armed Forces who will be providing security,” he said.The President requested the legal fraternity to bear with security officers and police whenever security checks are performed.

    “Every day thousands of people gather at these premises and it is important to take necessary measures to ensure their security,” he said.The BASL President also requested all clients to come to courts only with the necessary people and to refrain from bringing others, to facilitate security control.

    “There will be an action plan to search all vehicles entering court premises including the vehicles of lawyers.I am sure the members of the legal fraternity will render the necessary assistance to the Security Forces and those involved in security operations,” he said.

    The BASL will be issuing new car passes to all members.Indatissa requested lawyers to be vigilant about the people who enter the court premises, be on alert for suspicious movements by any person, and refrain from bringing parcels and large bags to the court premises.“There will be checkpoints manned by the Security Forces. We ask people to come as early as possible to facilitate security checks,” he said.“There are children without parents. There are parents without children. There will be necessary litigation to be embarked upon to protect their rights. We will do that for them,” Indatissa said.

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