September 17, 2019
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    Pose for a photo with a reptile

    August 10, 2014

    Visitors to the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens have been given the opportunity to pose for photographs with non-poisonous reptiles at the reptile section, the Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Ministry said.

    The Ministry said, increasing the attractions of the zoo is the aim of this move, adding that the number of visitors to the zoo has now seen a sharp increase with the commencement of the school vacation.


    Visitors would be allowed to touch and carry non-venomous reptiles, adding that a local visitor would have to pay Rs. 100 and a foreign visitor would have to pay Rs. 200 to pose for photographs and the reptile section of the zoo comprises 201 reptiles including most venomous reptiles and endemic species to Sri Lanka.


    The number of visitors to the zoo soared to 16,661 on August 3 earning around Rs. 1.5 million as the day's income and the Zoological Gardens administration expects more crowds in the coming weekends in view of the school vacation, adding that all facilities have been arranged for the visitors. (ST/KH)

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