September 17, 2019
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    Eight years to Mavilaru victory

    August 08, 2014

    The humanitarian operation to liberate Mavilaru was ended up on 8th August 2006 releasing drinking water to over 30000 Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim villagers living in Kallar, Seru Nuvara, Seruvila, Dehiwattha and Neelapola. It also helped a lot to the peasant communities in providing water to thousands of acres of paddy cultivation left abandoned due to the closure of Mavilaru.

    Eight years back from today, the praiseworthy task performed by the valiant soldiers sacrificing their precious lives brought an immense comfort to the peasant communities and their beloved family members in Mavilaru.


    The Government in response to the LTTE's vicious act of closing the sluice gates of the Mavilaru reservoir commenced its operation against the LTTE.


    The LTTE never thought that the Security Forces would win this operation by starting from Mavilaru.


    Finally our forces succeeded ending terrorism at the Nandikadal lagoon when our gallant soldiers found the remains of its cruel leader on 18th May 2009.(KH/MoD)

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